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Portobello Community Council

Notice of 325th Meeting

The 325th meeting of Portobello Community Council will be held on Monday, 26 January at 7:30 pm in Portobello Baptist Church Hall, 185 Portobello High Street.

Meetings are open to the public and all are welcome.


Beach Volleyball Courts

Portobello Community Council is keen to hear what you think about proposals to establish permanent beach volleyball courts courts in Portobello.

The proposed courts - which could be sited on the beach or within Straiton Place Park - would be available to all: local people; local schools as well as club members and established beach volleyball players.

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Closing date: Friday, 30 January

Porty Space Audit - Calling All Hall Users

If you or your family are members of a group which uses any of the public spaces in Portobello please could you get in touch as part of an audit of public spaces being carried out by Portobello Community Council.

Do you attend a group which uses church hall, community centre, library, school room or other facility in Portobello? If so, we want to hear from you.

Please email space@portobellocc.org giving brief details of the group, where and when it meets and who the main organisers/contacts are.

Thanks for your help!

To see the latest list of community spaces, click the link below Community Spaces Register (opens in a new window)

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Portobello Community Council Annual Report and Accounts 2014

The Portobello Community Council Annual Report and Accounts were presented at the 32nd AGM held on Monday, 30th June, 2014.

Also presented were copies of the Joppa Tennis Club accounts and the Porty Lightbox Accounts.

- Portobello Community Council Annual Report 2014
- Accounts for year ending March 2014
- Joppa Tennis Club Accounts for year ending March 2014
- Porty LightBox Accounts for year ending March 2014

Portobello & Craigmillar Neighbourhood Partnership

Portobello Community Council liaises regularly with the Portobello & Craigmillar Neighbourhood Partnership which is empowered by the city council to work to improve local services and the quality of life.

The partnership is responsible for developing a Local Community Plan which sets out the priorities for the area as identified by local residents.

- More info on the Portobello & Craigmillar Neighbourhood Partnership

East Edinburgh Community Map

A map of community resources in the east of Edinburgh, including resources for children and famillies; housing and welfare; learning, training and employment:-

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