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Portobello Community Council Response to Towerbank catchment informal consultation

Posted on: April 2nd, 2015

Thanks to all who took the time to complete our recent consultation on the Towerbank primary school catchment review. Portobello Community Council have made the following representation, copied to Gillian Tee (Director of Children & Families) and Paul Godzik (Convenor of Education, Children and Families Committee).

Please find attached 182 responses collected by Portobello Community Council during the informal consultation into the Towerbank Primary School catchment review. The survey was carried out online, with a stall at local supermarket, plus also paper responses via Portobello Library.

At our meeting on 30 March the community council agreed to make the following points in response:

  • The issue of a "sibling guarantee" was frequently raised – we would like to see the Council agree to undertake detailed investigation into this suggestion, including gathering the data on sibling numbers.
  • The maps created to detail Option 1 and 2 were poor and have led to people uncertain if they were in a particular area. We would like to see definitive postcode lists included alongside maps for the statutory consultation.

We also have the following general comments:

  • There is clear geographical basis behind the options favoured: those effected by Option 1 preferring Option 2 and vice-versa
  • General acceptance that something needs to be done, with only a very small number of responses suggesting further extension on site, new/split school
  • Common reasons against Option 1 include the closeness of Brightons/Rosefield to Towerbank and in turn the increased distance to Duddingston
  • Common reasons to prefer Option 2 include geography, keeping the houses nearer Towerbank in catchment, while those nearer Brunstane are moved
  • However the most mentioned reason against Option 2 was on the safe routes to school. Compare from Eastfield: crossing zero roads to get to Towerbank, compared to 8 or so to get to Brunstane – Milton Road /  Milton Link crossroad being a big concern.

Anonymised responses: goo.gl/OqlbYh