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Brighton Place Resurfacing Decision Due

Posted on: January 11th, 2016

A decision on the resurfacing of Brighton Place is expected tomorrow Tuesday, 12 January, with council officials recommending a proposal to renew the setts at an estimated cost of more than £1m.

The issue is to be discussed as part of Item 7.6 – Road, Footway and Bridges Investment – Capital Programme for 2016/17 which states:

3.30 The resurfacing of Brighton Place was approved by this Committee, as part of the 2015/16 Capital Investment Programme, on 28 October 2014. It was agreed that consultation should be carried out in Portobello to determine the appropriate type of resurfacing. Brighton Place is a setted street in a conservation area.

3.31 The most extensive of the consultations was carried out by Portobello Community Council, receiving over 400 responses. The results from their consultation slightly favoured removing the Setts and replacing with asphalt. Consultation was also undertaken by Brighton and Rosefield Residents Association, Portobello Heritage Trust and Portobello Amenity Society. All of these stakeholders strongly supported the renewal of setts in Brighton Place.

3.32 Based on the consultation it is recommended to renew the setts in Brighton Place, in line with Council policy

The reconstruction programme has been estimated to cost £1.2m and take 56 weeks to complete.

The consultation undertaken by Portobello Community Council last year found the majority of respondents in favour of asphalt reconstruction.

Watch the proceedings of the Transport and Environment Committee Meeting  (Item 7.6 from 36 minutes on the webcast)

Read the results of the Portobello Community Council consultation

PCC Letter to committee: BrightonPlaceCommitteeLetter

Update (12/1/2016): Councillors on the Transport and Environment Committee voted by 10 – 3 not to follow the officers’ recommendations and choose Option 2 – Asphalt Reconstruction.