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Posted on: August 24th, 2017

Tribe Porty is a community coworking and creative events hub.
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We’ve all had them — those moments when you are so immersed in what you are doing that hours feel like minutes. You know when you are in the flow. Whether you are engaged in a project, playing or listening to music, practicing a sport, dip into your creativity or a deep conversation, the peace of nature, find what makes you feel energized, focused and transcendent. Then allow yourself to do more of what you love. Get ready to “unleash the beast,” and share it here. Remember that flow is the birthplace of creativity. Seems to be the perfect time to make a new schedule of fun to help find your flow. 
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Details can be found at www.tribeporty.org/events

Kundalini Yoga  Thursdays 7.30-8.45pm  Rajadhiraja Yoga  Mondays 1.30-2.45pm (New Class)

Wee Glow Meditation

with Kirsty Montgomery

Glow meditation is a down to earth approach to meditation and mindfulness for all ages to embrace. Its within all of us instinctively, its just a case of listening and responding to your own mind and body. As with most things in life the earlier you start and the more you practice the more benefit you will receive.

Glow is designed to help with focus, self esteem, sleep, self healing, relaxation and living mindfully in the moment. We achieve this through guided meditation, chanting, breathing, EFT, acupressure, laughter and many other techniques.

Book here! Wee Glow


Embodied Spirituality

With Claire Pritchard

Embodied Spirituality is a series of reflective movement sessions. Incorporating mindfulness practices, and drawing on somatic principles, each session is unique and guides participants to engage and consider the spirit that dwells within them.

Claire has been sharing Embodied Spirituality practices across Europe for half a decade. The power of movement to touch our mind, body and spirit, never ceases to amaze her—and it is an absolute delight for Claire to journey with people in this manner.

To try the free taster this Saturday and to book on to her course, see here

Children & Teen Yoga

Pure Yoga with Agnes

Yoga classes help create a habit that will create a character, that will create a destiny of healthy, self-loving and compassionate beings. We have classes for children aged 3-8 years old and new classes for preteens and teens. These classes will incorporate various yoga postures, breathing exercises, stilling exercises, mindfulness techniques, yoga games and finally also meditation.
What will the preteen/teen learn?
– complete relaxation
– emotional regulation
– increased focus
– decreased anxiety
– increased self esteem and confidence
– increased fitness and muscle tone
– raised mood
– compassion for themselves and others
– raised performance at school
– deeper understanding of their 
For bookings, go here

Dates for Workshops and Courses this Autumn


  • Mindful Based Living Course (Craig Ali) Wed nights 7.30pm


  • Embodied Spirituality Taster (Claire) 26th August, 10.30-11.30am
  • Alexander Technique Workshop (Julia Woodman) 9th Sept, 11th Nov 10am-1pm
  • Embodied Spirituality Course (Claire) 6th October 7.30-8.30pm (7 weeks)
  • Trigger Point (Sabrina) 23rd Sept, 28th Oct, 25th Nov 9.30am-10.30am
  • Breathe Workshop (Allan Brownlie) 28th Oct, 11am-3pm


  • Fun Fiddle (Ros Gasson) 2nd Sept, 7th Oct,4th Nov, 2nd Dec
  • Knicker Making Workshop (Hazel Whiteby), 2nd September 12-4pm
  • Lingerie Making (Hazel Whiteby) starting 4th September 6.30-9pm
  • Creative Writing Workshop (Sarah Whiteside) 9th September 10am-1pm
  • Creative Writing Group (Sarah Whiteside) 12th Sept 7.30-9pm
  • Boomerang Bags Sewing Bee on 24th Sept. 1-5pm
  • Time Bank Repair Cafe 30th Sept 12-3pm
  • Basket Making classes (Anna Liebmann) 24th Oct, 7-10pm



Tribe Wellness Classes

Vinyasa/Hatha Yoga Class with Tessa of YesYoga 9.15-10.15am 
Mother and Baby Pilates with Sabrina 10.30-11.30am
Rajadhiraja Yoga with Lokeshvarii 1pm-2.30pm 
Children’s Yoga (Agnes) 3-5 years old 3:30 – 4:00pm
6-8 years old 4:15 – 5:00 pm
Mat Fitness Pilates with Sabrina 6.30-7.30pm
Conquer Gravity Class with Sabrina 7.35-8.35pm

Lunchtime Ashtanga/Vinyasa Yoga with Tessa 12.30-1.30pm (no class on the 29th August)
Wee Glow Meditation (Kirsty) 1.45-2.45pm
Animation for Children (Marta) 4.30-6.00pm
Vinyasa Flow Yoga with Sarah of Yogabeet 6.15-7.15pm (No class on the 1st August)
Daisy Birthing with Kathryn 7.30-9pm (starting Tuesday 18th July for 6 weeks) (No class on the 8th August)

Pilates with Clare Shillinglaw 12.15-1.15pm
Wee Glow Meditation (Kirsty)  3.30-6pm 
Physio-led Pilates with Christina 6.15-7.15pm
Fitness Pilates with Sabrina 7.30-8.30pm and 8.30- 9.30pm

Pilates with Penny 9.15-10.15am 
Daisy Baby Massage 10.30-11.30am 
High School Drama (Shauna)  5-7pm 
Kundalini Yoga with Lokeshvarii 7.30-9pm

Creative Music Classes (Holly)  9.30-11.45am
Pilates with Penny 6.00 – 7.00pm
Soundbath (Sue) 7.45-9.45pm (Last Friday of every month)

Vinyasa Flow Yoga with Charlotte 4.30-5.30pm 

Tribe Porty Youth Theatre  10am-1.30pm
Kids Dance (preschool)   2pm-3pm
Teen Yoga  5pm-7pm

Baby’s are the best Yoga teachers


A post about becoming a mama and realising I knew shit.

An opportunity to open my eyes and recognise how yoga helped me journey through birth and in the world as a mama.

The art of being in the present moment

Time literally stood still for me at points on my journey into motherhood; in pregnancy, lying awake at 2am with tingling pins and needles and definitely in labour when time just disappeared altogether.

It’s funny but unlike some challenges in life, you can’t rush through pregnancy. You can’t skip a bit you don’t like, and ultimately you have to sit and be with whatever comes up both physically and emotionally. Equally a baby has no concept of time, of night or day or of routine. I found this so weird when I first became a mama and thought about it a lot. The thing that most humans are programmed to function around and which often gives our world structure and control suddenly holds little weight or value. Read more here

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Finding Your Flow – How to Identify Your Flow Assets and Liabilities – The Keys to Peak Performance Every Day 

by Bruce H. Jackson (Author), Stephen R. Covey (Foreword)

Do you remember your last peak performance? Do you remember asking: how do I do this? How can I do it again? If you have asked this question, and want to know the answer, then this is the book you have been searching for. The Holy Grail of performance has many names: the zone, peaking, even flow. The elements of this experience are many, yet the formula is all too personal. It is something you have to figure out for yourself.

Eleven Rings: The Soul of Success
by Phil Jackson

During his storied career as head coach of the Chicago Bulls and Los Angeles Lakers, Phil Jackson won more championships than any coach in the history of professional sports. Even more important, he succeeded in never wavering from coaching his way, from a place of deep values. Jackson was tagged as the Zen master half in jest by sportswriters, but the nickname speaks to an important truth: this is a coach who inspired, not goaded; who led by awakening and challenging the better angels of his players nature, not their egos, fear, or greed. 

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