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Response to planning application 19/00237/ADV at Hi-Fi Corner, 2 Joppa Road

Posted on: February 27th, 2019

 Portobello Community Council have submitted the following response:

REF: 19/00237/ADV – 2 Joppa Road Edinburgh EH15 2EU; Advertisement of the following types: Fascia sign, hoarding (in retrospect)

Portobello Community Council wishes to comment on this application.

Nearby residents raised concern about the signage at our January 2019 meeting and we agreed an action to undertake a short on-line consultation when the retrospective advertising application was validated. This consultation ran from 6 February 2019 to 18 February 2019.

During the consultation period we also had discussion with the business owner, including a planning statement which we unloaded alongside the survey.

The consultation attracted 86 responses: 5 in support, 8 commenting and 73 objections. From the comments left the overwhelming concern was on the brightness of the LED lighting and the impact this would have on residential amenity and road safety.

The business owner attended our February 2019 meeting, looking to reassure the community on the proposal. He has stated that the sign will be much dimmer than when previously turned on via the use of a dimmer and will also be operated on a timer (turned off after main commuting hours).

These changes, if implemented appropriately, should address the bulk of the concerns raised during our consultation, so the community council agreed on a neutral representation.

We would ask that in order to address these concerns that sufficient assurances on brightness reduction and operational time are either secured in advance of any determination of the application, or as conditions if the Council is minded to consent.

pdf icon portycc-20190227-1900237ADV-hifi-corner.pdf