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Questions for Town Hall Proposals

Posted on: January 26th, 2021

Further to the meeting of Portobello Community Council on Monday 25th January we are compiling questions that the community would like answered around the two proposals for usage of the Town Hall.

If you have a question that you would like to be put to Portobello Central or the Peter Schaufuss company please email to  secretary@portobellocc.org by Midnight on Thursday 28th January (please indicate if the question is for Portobello Central, Peter Schaufuss or both).

The questions will be anonymised, compiled and sent to each organisation with a request to send the answers back by Friday 5th February. Questions and answers will then be published on the Community Council website.

To give some background to the proposals please find attached three documents that were sent to Portobello Community Council by the Peter Schaufuss company and for further information on the Portobello Central proposal please see https://www.portobellocentral.org/

The Co-Chairs and Secretary had a virtual tour of the other Schaufuss buildings (Rose Street Theatre and St Stephens) From a proposal perspective it did not give us any extra information so just from an observation perspective Rose Street is similar in architecture and what he has done to put in an extra floor and strengthen the roof would be similar to plans for the Town Hall. He reiterated his commitment to not only having the space in constant use but also to give space for the community to use for free (200 hours per year) as well as to book slots from a commercial perspective. He has a team of architects and builders that have now done this twice so used to the pitfalls. In both venues he has been very sympathetic to restoring as much of the original facias etc as he could.