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Maureen Child Update 2 April 2021

Posted on: April 2nd, 2021

Dear All


This week I have thoroughly enjoyed reading Jim Hurford’s self-published book on Life and other distractions around Portobello present and past in two hundred limericks with illustrations by Porty artists.  As Roz Preston says on the back “…they weave together philosophy, gardening, human nature, sea slugs and twockers”. Sasha Udell says: “the limericks are wonderful and had me laughing out loud” Me too! And she’s right that the locally-themed ones need to be shared more widely.  Intrigued? If you want one, contact jimporty@gmail.com.  The cost is £3.50 a copy with the proceeds going to the Trussell Trust.  Jim says that once the charity shops re-open they will be available there too.


Local artist Jenny Martin is the subject of Porty Podcast number 201.  She talks about how she has been as an artist in lockdown.   Click here to listen and catch up on the back catalogue: https://www.buzzsprout.com/71622/8211354


A piece in the Evening News about a new forest being planted at Little France Park dedicated to NHS staff who have served us so well during the Covid-19 pandemic.  https://www.edinburghnews.scotsman.com/news/people/forest-to-be-planted-next-to-edinburghs-royal-infirmary-as-thanks-to-nhs-workers-3181502


That amazing duo, Andy Constable and Kev Findlay have been running a 5k every day of March to raise funds for Kids in the Street, a fabulous local project based in Greater Craigmillar area.  They travel around the area with their mobile pitch and provide free sporting activities for young people. They have a target of £10,000 and are not quite there yet, so do give what you can.  Click here: https://www.gofundme.com/f/a-5k-everyday-in-march-for-kits


Porty Community Energy is setting up in Portobello to reduce the amount of carbon we produce, both as individuals and as a community.  Find out more and get involved  here: https://portycommunityenergy.wordpress.com/


Portobello Community Council met on Monday evening And the topics included a forthcoming planning application for residential development by Portobello Sands on the derelict land at Pipe Lane which is likely to be lodged in about a month’s time.   The consultation results for Portobello Town Hall are now submitted to the Council to inform their decision in May. Click here: Portobello Town Hall : http://www.portobellocc.org/pccpn/2021/03/29/portobello-town-hall-consultation-results/


Another hot topic for discussion locally is the application for a sauna on the Promenade.  There are questions to be asked and answered about this proposal and the applicant would be very happy to try to answer them  Portobello Community Council is happy to facilitate this process.  Click here to add to the list of questions: http://www.portobellocc.org/pccpn/2021/03/30/questions-regarding-the-civic-license-application-for-a-sauna-on-the-prom/


Well done to those who organised a quiet peaceful socially socially-distanced vigil for Sarah Everard and other victims of violence against women.  Some of the banners that were put up on the boatyard railings caused a bit of local controversy, as a result of which the Council’s planning enforcement team are investigating.  I am in two minds as to whether or not these are offensive to men and boys.  I don’t believe for a minute that was the intention.  However, I found this blog helpful and so might you:  https://www.johnbarrypsychologist.com/drjohnbarrysblog/demonising-boys-wont-turn-them-into-angels


The beach safety partnership initiative I told you about a couple of weeks ago is now being implemented.  Coverage from The Edinburgh Reporter here:  https://theedinburghreporter.co.uk/2021/03/multi-agency-approach-to-make-portobello-beach-safer-for-all/


Portobello is a great place to exercise a dog. Ownership and demand for dogs, has increased hugely during the past year and one local dog owner has asked me to warn that there are dog thieves about. So keep your dog under control and in sight, on or off the lead, and have a look-out for any bad guys ready to bundle your canine pal into a van and sell him or her off to the highest bidder.


The monthly Portobello Market in Brighton Park is on again on Saturday.  And the weather looks good! Click here for full details: https://www.pedal-porty.org.uk/food/portobello-market/stallholders-for-portobello-market-saturday-3rd-april/


Craigmillar is the proud headline on this post from CCG about its affordable housing developments there as part of the regeneration of the area in partnership with the Council on a number of fronts. Click here:



Civerinos now has planning consent for its new premises on the Promenade and is planning to hire out deckchairs too.  All in time for summer staycations. Click here: https://theedinburghreporter.co.uk/2021/04/pizza-boss-enters-the-fold-with-portobello-beach-deckchair-plan/


Have a great weekend and stay safe and well whatever you do!




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