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ETRO/21/13 Brunstane Road – proposed experimental road closure

Posted on: July 9th, 2021

Latest information from City of Edinburgh Council on plan to restrict Brunstane Road and other nearby streets. In summary:

  • Prohibition of entry, except by pedal cycles:
    • From Coillesdene Avenue into Milton Terrace (South)
    • From Milton Road East into Milton Drive
    • From Seaview Crescent into Milton Drive
  • Sections of streets closed, except for pedal cycles:
    • Brunstane Road: at railway bridge
    • Coillesdene Crescent: at junction of Milton Road East
  • One-way traffic, with pedal cycle contraflow
    • Milton Drive (North), south to north: at junction with Seaview Crescent – specifically you would not be able to drive from Seaview Crescent on to Milton Drive
    • Milton Drive (South), north to south: at junction with Milton Road East – specifically you would not be able to drive from Milton Road East on to Milton Drive
    • Milton Terrace (South), south to north: at junction with Coillesdene Avenue – specifically you would not be able to drive from Coillesdene Avenue, along Milton Terrace to Milton Road East

Documentation & plans attached below.

Statement of reasons: “The trial proposes to address long-standing traffic problems due to a combination of the narrow road width, increasing volumes of traffic and the general increase in the physical size of vehicles on Brunstane Road.  This has resulted in numerous instances of traffic congestion, anti-social behaviour by drivers and conflict with residents whose cars have frequently been damaged. Residents in the Coillesdene area note concerns over increased traffic as drivers reroute due to the closure of Brunstane Road, so additional traffic calming measures have also been included in the trial scheme in the Coillesdene area.”

Opportunity to respond:

“Dear Sir / Madam



In accordance with the terms of the Local Authorities’ Traffic Orders (Procedure) (Scotland) Regulations 1999, I write to inform you that the City of Edinburgh Council proposes to promote an experimental traffic order which will introduce a road closure on Brunstane Road (except cyclists) and traffic calming measures in the Coillesdene area.

As a result of coronavirus, we are currently displaying all documents concerning road-related Orders on the Council website www.edinburgh.gov.uk/trafficorders. Please visit our website where you can view and/or download the plan(s) relating to this proposal.

Formal objections are not invited at this stage, as a further period will be allowed for the submission of objections when the proposals are formally advertised. It is intended to advertise the proposals at an early date and I should welcome any comments you may have to offer within 3 weeks of the date of this letter by e-mail  to TRO.Consultations@edinburgh.gov.uk .”