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Maureen Child Update 17 December 2021

Posted on: December 17th, 2021

Dear All


I hope you’re going to be able to have a good Christmas with family and friends.  Maybe you’re too busy planning and shopping to read this.  This year I am again determined to buy all presents and food in local Porty shops.  Half way there and managed so far!  Last week’s switch on of the Portobello Christmas tree lights and shops remaining open seemed to well.  If you missed it, here is a short video (2.37mins) of the switch on: https://fb.watch/9UWvmKwy70/. Thanks to Jennifer Elliot for that and for sending a lovely email to Council officers and contractors, who rarely seem to get due appreciation for the work they do for us.


CEC Flood Prevention have inspected No 4 beach groyne at low tide and have a couple of practical options for the repair, which are being costed. The sand loss seemed to resolve itself within a few tides, but that is being monitored too.  The other timber groynes will have their missing timbers replaced around the same time, hopefully all done in 2022.


The ‘reclaim the night’ women’s cycle ride came to Portobello this week.  The idea originated with SPOKES Porty member Kirsty Lewin and she described it beautifully here: https://sanderlings.home.blog/2021/12/13/how-we-lit-up-the-night/


The window of opportunity is closing soon, so do make a representation on all or any part of the Proposed Local Development Plan: City Plan 2030.  It closes on 20 December 2021 – in just three days. Do respond to any part you like – or don’t like. Here is a  Quick Guide to City Plan 2030 This gives an overview of each section of the plan and what it contains plus more information on the plan and the process. We have also prepared a quick guide to assist you in submitting a representation on the consultation hub.


The rise in costs of materials is a real worry in this day and age, since Brexit.  It has increased the expected cost of this great project in Craigmillar:  https://www.edinburghlive.co.uk/news/edinburgh-news/edinburgh-craigmillar-community-space-cost-22429746.  It might also mean the cost of the improvements to paths in parks at Joppa Quarry Park and Newcraighall Park will come in at a greater cost than expected. 


The applications to partially demolish the and build flats on the site of the former George Cinema and latterly Bingo Hall at 14 Bath Street is to be determined by means of a hearing at the Development Management Sub-Committee on 12 January 2022.  It was continued from last week’s Committee, as the some of the applicants side were said to be unavailable.  We Councillors all signed up to the ‘Save The George’ Campaign so cannot vote on the matter, but we can address the Committee.  The planning officer has recommended the applications are refused.


Local resident Anne Dignan is starting up a storytelling practice group at Portobello Library. It will be the 2nd Monday of each month upstairs in the activity room 6pm-7.30 pm. For further information please contact the library direct on 0131 529 5558.


While Portobello Library has reopened to more normal hours now and – hopefully –  into the New Year, I am not going to go back to a set time for meeting constituents face to face for the remainder of my term of office.  I am free to meet up at a place and time that suits any one of you rather than that one fixed hour a week at Portobello Library.  We can go for a walk and talk or have a coffee together somewhere? 


Porty Podcast is another great one.  And it has a fab back catalogue of recordings if you’re feeling nostalgic! Are we ready to ditch disposables? No 235 Seawilding, ReWilding and Mewilding:  https://www.buzzsprout.com/71622/9652817

And No 236  Are we ready to ditch disposables? https://www.buzzsprout.com/71622/9697930?fbclid=IwAR0DvxiCPRP7BVdzEW5LSX2fFg4UW6c6ZOGcEgY9RG8k3UvFIgR48Pfq_TU


I’m getting one or two emails a week about Brunstane Road, so a link to the report, originally agreed back in January 2021, might be useful to you.  Click here: https://democracy.edinburgh.gov.uk/documents/s30771/Item%207.4%20-%20Trial%20closure%20of%20Brunstand%20Rd%20and%20Assoc%20measures%20with%20apps.pdf


Every so often, I refer someone for a grant to the Edinburgh Trust run by the charity Turn2Us.  Funds come from a series of legacy Trusts under the City of Edinburgh Council and its predecessors.  Administering charitable funds is not core business and we wanted to make sure the cash was spent in line with the original deeds if at all possible and do some good in Edinburgh.   The Court allowed the transfer of the assets to an organisation for which individual grant giving – in line with the original deed – actually is core business.  Turn2Us do a great job of ensuring the Edinburgh Trust cash gets to where it needs to be in a crisis.  Referrals usually come through organisations like CAB and Cyrenians who help people with applications, which Turn2Us Edinburgh Trust make as simple as possible.  More here:



I hope you and yours find a way to celebrate happily together over Christmas and New Year while staying safe and well.  See you in 2022, if not before!




Councillor Maureen Child

Labour Councillor Portobello/Craigmillar Ward

Office: 0131 529 3268

Mobile: 07718 666 481

Facebook Page: Maureen Child Standing Up for Portobello/Craigmillar

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